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I've been editing since 2011 in various roles. My aim as an editor is to help people:

  • feel more confident in the content they're publishing
  • take editing off their to-do list and hand it over to an expert
  • create professional, compelling, and high-quality content
  • learn more about writing and grammar, so they can shape beautiful content.

I specialise in editing online content for grammar, style, and voice.

I'm currently accepting freelance clients.

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My clients have said

Rosie is a fantastic and flexible editor who has made my writing process so much easier and more professional. I initially found the thought of having my work edited very daunting; however, when I began working with Rosie, I realised I had no reason for this to be the case as she was incredibly warm and supportive.

What I now really value about using Rosie as part of my writing process is the confidence it gives me when I submit and publish my work. Having an editor, even for smaller blog posts, isn’t a luxury but rather an investment in the standard of work you wish to build your brand around. I am always a little shocked when I receive edited pieces back from Rosie because with a few small tweaks she can make the flow of my writing so much nicer and easier to read. Rosie has an amazing ability to edit and enhance my work without altering my voice. This empowers me to reach and connect with more people as my message is articulate and succinct.

Rosie offers a timely, professional, and affordable service that I would highly recommend to other bloggers, entrepreneurs, and writers.

Jessica Bean



Rosie helped me out so much! She edited my course and sales page copy for me and I couldn't be more grateful. She really took something that would have taken me ages off my plate, which meant I had more time to focus on providing awesome content to my customers.

—Amber Kuivenhoven, Amber Creative Co.



Rosie is an amazing editor! She catches everything. She makes stylistic revisions and is genuinely interested in her clients' businesses. I'm so grateful to have found her. One of the articles she edited for me got accepted by the Huffington Post. She's now my go-to person. I'd recommend her to every blogger I know. Rosie cares about your online identity.

Magda Ayuk



—James Rose, Aktura Technology

Some of my past clients include

I've worked with

  • small businesses
  • digital marketing agencies
  • online shops
  • bloggers
  • graphic designers
  • HR agencies
  • bookkeepers
  • accountants
  • website developers and designers
  • financial advisors
  • education organisations
  • government organisations
  • authors
  • life coaches
  • business coaches
  • health and fitness coaches
  • database engineers
  • language teachers
  • tradespeople
  • customer experience designers
  • real estate agents
  • engineers
  • doctors
  • art therapists
  • video production companies
  • business analysts

I'm currently accepting freelance clients.

Interested in working together?